• Ferido Company Limited, Thailand

Ferido Liquid Adhesive PU-35

This product is a liquid type glue which is good if you need something more flexible. Very easy to use and handle and is very strong.

  • Mix Ratio:

    A:B 6:2

  • Hardening :

    3.5-4 hours

  • Shelf Life :

    1 year

  • Storage :

    Keep in room temperature and close the lid well, do not let air in.

  • How to use :

    Mix part A(6):B(2) together for 1-2 minutes in a container (either glass or plastic is fine). Then you can pour in your mold.

  • Warning :

    - This product is NOT edible
    - Do not rub your eyes while your fingers have glue on them. Wash your hands with soap water. If you accidently rub your eyes, wash with clean water and seek medical attention immediately.
    - Keep away from children or do not leave the children unsupervised.