• Ferido Company Limited, Thailand

Ferido X2SP Glue

Best quality AB glue, works perfectly well with fashion jewelry production. There are two separate parts of glue, Part A and Part B and is available in various colors. Also very skin friendly. This product is mainly used in the fashion industry with foiled backed crystals and silver. Other than this, it can also be used on other surfaces for example wood, brick, glass, metal and many more.

  • How to use:

    Make sure your hands are clean. Take two equal parts of A and B then mix them together for 1-2 minutes. After it is mixed well you can apply to your product.

  • Mix Ratio :


  • Working Time :

    120 minutes, 14 hours until fully hardened

  • Shelf Life :

    1 year

  • Storage :

    Keep in room temperature and close the lid well, do not let air in. *The glue may harden over time but don’t worry because it works with your body temperature. Just pick a piece and start mixing then it will soften. As long as you store it properly you should not have any problems.*

  • Advice:

    Please do not mix the glue with water, other substances or other glue that is not Ferido as it will result in the glue not working properly.

  • Warning :

    - This product is NOT edible

    - Do not rub your eyes while your fingers have glue on them. Wash your hands with soap water. If you accidently rub your eyes, wash with clean water and seek medical attention immediately.

    - Keep away from children or do not leave the children unsupervised.

  • Please Read this before you order

    We do not sell our glue separately. For example if you order 5 kg of 136-Snow White you will get 2.5 kg Part A and 2.5 kg Part B. We do not sell only Part A or only Part B.

    The minimum order is 3 kg per color.