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Ferido Co.,Ltd.

FeridoTM Glue A&B have been manufactured in Thailand with German knowledge since 1998
by Dr. Ing. Reihani (Owner and Manufacturer.)

FeridoTM  is the first manufactured colored AB glue and have made its way to reach the highest and best standard in the world. FeridoTM  glue has a color range spanning over totally 79 different colors were 37 of them are special colors used for Foil Backed Crystal stones in the fashion jewelry / Silver jewelry market. FeridoTM glue works excellent with metal, wood, brick, glass, PVC and many other materials. Anyone from hobbyist to professional can use FeridoTM  glue since it is easy to mix and handle, self-hardening without heating and hazardous substances such as lead,  phthalate and cadmium. No bad smell and do not cause any reactions for skin allergies.

We have a warranty to guarantee that we keep the highest and best quality standard for FeridoTM Glue.
Because of the high quality, reliable easy to use standard and all color variations FeridoTM Glue has been copied in many different locations with various doubtful quality. We recommend everyone to ensure your self to get the
original top quality FeridoTM Glue directly from us since we are the original manufacturer.

If you are interested in being a re-seller of our product in any part of the world, please contact us here.

Please compare Ferido AB glue to any Korean brand copy glue or any other brand, we are very pleased to send samples to you.

The only thing you pay is for the shipping cost.

We send Ferido glue (X2SP) for Testing
1) Part A &B       100, gr,     white color                              A,50gr  and  B,50,gr
2) Part A &B       100, gr,     Rose color                              A,50gr  and  B,50,gr
3) Part A &B       100, gr,     Light Colorado Topaz color     A,50gr  and  B,50,gr
4) Part A &B       100, gr     Jet hematite color                    A,50gr  and  B,50,gr
5) and 200 pcs crystals preciosa
6) One paces vacuum tweezers workable for *1* person

400, grams of Ferido glue A&B ( X2SP)
200 pieces Crystals
1 * Vacuum Tweezers
Everything for 50, us$

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