Ferido Liquid Adhesive PU-22

  • Product Name:

    PU 22 Ferido Liquid Adhessive

  • Product Detail:

    Great for bonding Gem Stones. color range basic color, 1 color for basic gem stones and we supply. other colors as well.

  • Mix Ratio:

    Part A 3 grams Part B 1 gram for bonding gem Stone

    Part A 6 gram and Part B 1 gram, for use in to rubber molding to use for your own design.

    Part A 16 Gram and PartB 1 Gram. for your free design. 

  • Working Time:

    up to 40 Minutes after you mixed the A&B.

  • Self Life:

    3 years in a room Temp 23 - 24 C.

  • Price:

    Please contact us for any information on prices.