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  • Product Name:

    Ferido X2SP Glue

  • Product Detail:

    The best quality A&B Glue worldwide, works perfectly well
    for fashion and design jewelry production.
    There are two separate Parts of Glue,
    Part A and Part B, which you mix with Finger in a ratio 1:1.
    The Glue is available in 42 differently Colors.

  • Mix Ratio:

  • Order regulation:

  • Minimum Order quantity:

  • General Info:

  • Package Size:

  • Weight One Set:

  • Material Grade:

  • Comfort:

  • Temperature:

  • Working Time:

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  • How to use:

    Do not need to weigh the glue on the scales, which quantity you want to mix look in eyes mass ca: two equal round ball, and knead with your finger ca; 1.1/5 minutes then than Apply the top of your finish product, and begining to setting Foiled back crystals stones from Swarovski or Preciose stoned or any brand of Foiled back Crystals, so you do not have to work very hurry you have time for finished your product. Here are two ways fue working time, 1) two round Balls A & B each 1 gram mix well for 1.1/5 minutes here the working time is ca: 3, hours and 20 minutes,

    2) if you with the same system but part A 15, gr and Part B, 15 grams Total 30, grams A & B for mix Ca: 2, minutes, then you have 2, hours Working time, it mean you can setting Foiled Back crystals 35 pieces of round balls 8mm by only one time mixing, By correct handeling, we warranty that not one pcs crustal failed.

  • Advice:

    Put a tiny amount of Vaseline in your already mixed glue, that will make it
    even better to work with it.
    Minimum Order quantity each colors: 3 kg In total: 24 kg
    Weight Part A:250 and Part B,250 total 500,gr
    Material Grade: Very high Quality
    Quality: When the glue did dry completely it will be fixed very hard.
    Comfort: Easy to use, provides flexible and smooth texture.
    Temperature: Keep Temperature at 22 / 24 C.
    Price:depented by order quantity

    Please contact us.under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    to order the world best Adhesive Glue A&B directly by Ferido Co., Ltd., Thailand

    Please note that Ferido does not contain any Toxic (Hazardous / Phthalate),

    and is very skin-friendly. Special is well suited for children Jewelry production.