Ferido Liquid PU-35 Adhesive for many kind of Fashion Jewelry production.

  • Product Name:

    Ferido Liquid PU 35 Adhesive

  • Product Detail:

    Ferido Liquid PU 35 for
    fashion jewelry and electronic components.
    - clear Liquid
    - Gold Color Liquid
    - Silver Color Liquid
    - Metallic Color Liquid
    - Pearl Color Liquid
    - UV Color

  • Mix Ratio:

    Part  A, 6, grams Part B 2, grams keep in a plastic Becker  and  mix it with a spoon for 2, minutes.

  • Order regulation:

    in Set One set contain  Part A, 450, grams  and  Part  B, 150 grams

  • Minimum Order quantity:

    1, Set

  • Weight One Set:

    Part  A, 450 grams  and  Part  B, 150 grams

  • Material Grade:

    Very high Quality and clear

  • Comfort:

    Easy to use

  • Temperature:

    Keep Temperature at 22 C.

  • Working Time:

    About 4, hours after mixing the liquid Adhesive.

    full cure time 24,hours , we can teach for working with Ferido Liquid Adhesive 35

  • Self Life:

    3, years,  best suited for molding

  • Price:

    1,Set Gold and Silver 600 gr. 110, US Dollar. 1 Set non Color  (Clear) 79, US Dollar.