Ferido M-Liquid PU-25

  • Product Name:

    Ferido M - Liquid PU 25

  • Product Detail:

    Ferido M - Liquid PU 25 is a medium Adhesive Glue in 11 different colors.White, Fuchsia, Siam, Light Siam, Amethyst, Peridot, Jet, Sapphire, Light
    Sapphire, Rose, Light Rose.

  • Mix Ratio:

    Glue A and B (1:1)
    Mixing time depends on quantity of
    Glue A and B.
    For example: Glue A 5 gr., Glue B 5 gr.
    in that case the mixing time is about 2 minutes.
    the weight of Glue M Liquid will be 3 gr.
    If you increase the quantity of Glue A and B to 10 gr. the mixing time should be doubled to 4 min.handled in a small cup.

  • Minimum Order quantity:

    24 kg and 3 kg of each color.

  • Package Size:

    3 kg per Iron gallon

  • Material Grade:

    High quality

  • Temperature:

    22 Celsius

  • Working Time:

    3 hours after you mixing Glue A and B in a small cup. Workable
    with using Salt and normal Water.

  • Self Life:

    2 years