Ferido One Part Adhesive

  • Product Name:

    Ferido One Part Adhesive

  • Product Detail:

    Ferido One Part Adhesive, Great to cover the crystal for your finished setting crystals to prevent it from falling off.
    Providing 30 percent more shining effect of your crystal product.

  • Mix Ratio:

    Fill in the amount of liquid you need in a glass container.
    Make sure you put the lid right back on to have a longer shelf life.
    Dip your piece in the glue for 3 seconds coating it all and pull up instantly after.
    Absorb the rest with a piece of paper gently.
    Leave it for 15 minutes until the glue
    sticks solid.

  • Package Size:

    Contains 200 gr. per box  Can Cover 2000 pieces Round Ball  8  to 10 mm

  • Temperature:

    22 Celsius

  • Self Life:

    3 to 4 month, by closed lid at all  the Time. Can cover many differently colors all together to dive in to Ferido  one Part Adhesive.
    Stocking Room Temperature: 22 Celsius

  • Price:

    1 box 200 gr. 68 US Dollar