Ferido Repair Epoxy Glue

  • Product Name:

    Ferido Repair Epoxy Glue

  • Product Detail:

    High Quality Glue for all households products.
    Easy to use, high strength and flexibility.
    Durable in hot and cold conditions.
    Also usable under water. contai in Iron Gallon quantity each 1,1/2 KG

    Repairing all what you needed Very easy.

  • Mix Ratio:


  • Minimum Order quantity:

    A&B  20 Gallon

  • General Info:

    Not considered to be dangerous if inhaled.
    In case of skin contact. Wash of with soap and water.
    Do not use organic solvents.
    In case of eye contact, wash out with plenty of water.

  • Package Size:

    Iron Gallon  quantity  each  1,1/2 KG

  • Storage:

    with temperature around 23, 24 Co

  • Self Life:

    2.5 years

  • Price:

    per kg.12,us$