Ferido Stick Repair

  • Product Detail:

    Ferido STICK is a hand- moldable corrosion resistant steel filled two- part epoxy with industrial strength.
    This product is perfect to repair Water Tanks, Gas- or Fuel Tanks for cars.
    This product is also perfect to fix any kind of household inventory.

    - repairs items in 20 min. after mixing
    the glue.
    - does fix leaking pipes, fills holes and
    - bonds with PVC, Fiberglass, Metal,
    Wood, etc.
    - Non- toxic, solvent free
    - no special works required
    - does not crack, shrink or pull away
    - withstands temperature up to 150 C.
    - can be taped, drilled, sanded and
    painted after fix.
    - safe for drinking water and resistant
    to most chemicals.