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Our products have been manufactured in Thailand with German knowledge during 18 years.

Ferido is a registered Trade Mark which is produced by Ferido TM co.,ltd., Please be informed about company's how copy Ferido name and register for different countries.

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Ferido is the oldest and the first manufacturer for the World Best quality and colored AB glue with a total favorite color range of 42 differently usual and 37 special colors for the setting of Foil Backed Crystal stones for producing fashion jewelry, Silver jewelry and also can used with metal, wood, brick, glass and PVC and much more. It’s perfect for professional to hobbyist. Our products are easy to mix and handle, self-hardening without heating, and without hazardous substances such as lead, phthalate and cadmium and no bad smelling. Also they don't cause problem for people with skin allergies.

We warranty for our product and quality.
We have been improving the product processing to have the very best result to service our value customers.
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Dr. Ing. Reihani  (Owner and Manufacturer)