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· Build and preserve nature!

· Stop species extinction!

What is harming our earth?

As a result of overfishing, deforestation, habitat destruction, environmental pollution and other factors, more and more plants and animals are threatened with extinction. Even the smallest intervention in an ecosystem can therefore have a domino effect that can affect us all!

How do humans harm nature?

Nowadays humans use and change the environment in many ways: they clear forests to preserve arable land and livestock farming requires large areas for animal feed production.The mining of fossil fuels and their combustion also changes the environment.

8 tips on how we can protect the environment

1. Create less rubbish.

2. Reuse things and materials.

3. Consume less.

4. Eat more sustainably.

5. Throw away less food.

6. Save water.

7. Drive less car.

8. Save electricity.

Imagine what we consume during the day, regardless of what is on the table Full of arsenic because almost everything we eat is the same as fertilizer Connected and that is toxic in FRUITS and VEGETABLES and at the same time in If there is enough MEAT, people and animals die Disappearance from nature bottle. Please imagine again, however cruel it sounds if the wasps would all die together at once, then all humans would die afterwards 5 days together.WASPS ARE SO USEFUL AND VITAL FOR HUMANS AND NATURE. Please remember. Thank you